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The other night before I went to bed, I caught the end of the movie The Vow, on TV. For the benefit of those rare non-Channing Tatum fans who haven’t seen this movie, the main character (Rachel McAdams) has had a car accident which caused her to forget everything that had happened to her in the past few years. This just happened to include meeting, falling in love with and marrying her gorgeous husband (Channing Tatum). When she awoke in the hospital after the accident, she knew her parents and people from her childhood, but she could no longer recognise her husband.

Not only did she have to be reintroduced to her husband and the life they had made together (a life which was very different from the only one she could now remember), but she also had to be introduced to their friends and the people who had only come into her life fairly recently. This story, which is actually based on true events, got me thinking; how would we live if we didn’t remember the negative things people had said or done to us? If we were being reintroduced into our lives, completely afresh, how would we look at the various aspects of our lives?

If I got to talk to people without remembering the things that had happened between us or the hurt they had caused, I wonder how different our relationship would be. It made me think, maybe we should approach our relationships like this every day. Yes, it’s a major challenge, especially if there is a lot of deep hurt caused by the people who are meant to love us. However, trying to forget the ways in which people have wronged us or treated us, and seeing them as if we were meeting them again for the first time – a clean slate – could be a positive and helpful step. Often we say we forgive people, but because we remember the way in which we’ve been treated, it is hard to always truly forgive and trust. However trying to come at the relationship without holding on to the hurt of the past and focusing purely on the present and future will help to heal our minds, attitudes and therefore relationships.



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