l o v e . l i v e . t r a v e l. e a t. p r a i s e.

The Travel Life.

On my recent travels around the world, I have come to the realisation that travel is really just a compacted version of our life journey; full of highs, lows, waiting, tiredness, excitement, frustration, hellos, goodbyes, moments that leave you breathless, and moments that leave you devastated. In a journey to unfamiliar territory, away from the comforts of home, we experience much of the same things we experience throughout our lives.

In both journeys we are trying to get somewhere with as little hassle as possible, with people we enjoy being around, all the while wanting to constantly be surrounded by things that please us. In both journeys there are also defining moments that we will always remember; moments that change us, grow us, define us, or break us.

There is, therefore, a lot we can learn from a simple journey abroad that we can then apply to our life journey and our trip into our ever impending future. Throughout my trip around the world, I will endeavor to look at some of the issues I face and moments I encounter, whilst travelling, and then compare them to experiences we may come across while navigating our way through that little thing we call life. Bon voyage!

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One comment on “The Travel Life.

  1. Philip Rwankole
    May 2, 2015

    Well said. It’s these experiences abroad tht also often shape the way we see the world and prepare us for the challenges to come. Thanks for sharing.

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