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Sleeping in a Castle.

Just as there are horrid moments that can occur during travels, there are also marvelous moments. For me one of those moments involved sleeping in a castle in the unbelievable German town of Nuremberg. Now, I’ve slept in dodgy hostels, in fancy overpriced hotels, in rooms that are falling apart, in tiny excuses for rooms that have snow piling in through the window, in giant apartments that overlook infamous views…but sleeping in a castle, so rich in history and marvelous in structure, has to be one of the highlights of all my travels. To feel like a princess—sitting high on a hill overlooking the town and exploring the well-kept castle grounds—is one of those moments that made all the not-so-amazing moments that had previously occurred, worth it.

The moments of exhaustion, and frustration, and loneliness, and stress just melted away, and immediately became unimportant details in the memory of my journey. The difficult navigation of the cobbled streets that lay meters below my window sill didn’t even come into my mind as I gazed upon the beauty of such old roads, winding around an equally beautiful town and leading up to the castle. Everything I had gone through to get to this place suddenly didn’t matter anymore. I had made it. I was sleeping in a castle, exactly where I had been trying to get to—and it was more amazing than I had been expecting. I was suddenly glad I had pushed through and didn’t give up when it was tough.

Even though I’d had to navigate the cobbled streets with great difficulty to get to this point, making it to my destination and sleeping in this charming castle made the hard work and the not giving up, worth it. Unfortunately in life your destination may not always be as obvious as a gigantic castle on a hill, towering over everything else. Maybe for you it is, but it’s not unusual to not be able to see your final destination, which can make persevering on the difficult road feel nearly impossible. Maybe you no longer believe that you will even ever end up anywhere worth going. But when you keep pushing through, no matter where you are, you get to a point where you can look back and see how much you’ve grown, and how strong you had to be to get there. Just as there are horrid moments in life, there are also marvelous moments. Making it to your castle, whatever your castle is, is one of those marvelous moments. Keep to the road and you will make it. You deserve your ‘sleeping-in-a-castle moment’ where you can enjoy sitting happily high above the troubled path, knowing you’ve made it.

Sleeping in a castle 🏰🌟 #germany #castle #travel #nuremberg #wanderlust

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One comment on “Sleeping in a Castle.

  1. missromansunset
    June 12, 2015

    wow amazing! 🙂

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